6th IISF - 2018


6th IISF - 2018


6th IISF - 2018



Delhi – A confluence of diverse culture, a confluence of all religions, languages, people, color and creed. a reflection of the complexities, contradictions, beauty and dynamism of a city where the past co-exist with the present. Ruled and plundered by many dynasties from the ancient past to the medieval past and till the British raj era. Everyone contributed to shape Delhi into its present form.

Delhis culture has been influenced by its history and historic association as the capital of India. Delhi was chosen as the throne of chivalry by successive dynasties. One of the most preferred destinations on tourists itinerary, Delhi is endowed with plethora of attractions. This capital has a lot in its store as a tourist can explore the rich culture of India in the monumental heritage of Delhi.

Delhi -A modern city with modern amenities, this city is well connected with the world and within Indian cities, it is always awake and moving, a city that is known for its vibrant & colorful festivals, multi-lingual, multi-cuisine, the epicenter of Indian politics. Also known as the fashion capital of India. Delhi will always surprise you!!!!