7th IISF - 2019


7th IISF - 2019


7th IISF - 2019




“7th Edition India International Silk Fair’2019”

Exhibitors may please note, no sale of exhibits at the venue is allowed during the exhibition. The organizers shall not be liable for any delay/penalty/cancellation/confiscation by any authority.

Administration of exhibition halls

The administration of exhibition halls will be controlled for the fair secretariat located at the foyer of the hall no.12. The organiser will appoint hall co-ordinators who will be stationed in respective halls. Exhibitors may contact their respective hall co-ordinators for any assistance before, during and after the exhibition. Organiser has full authority to enforce all rules and regulations related to the exhibitions. The organiser decision will be final and binding in all respects.

Stand possession 

Exhibitors must submit the stand possession form to the hall co-ordinators stationed in their respective hall, to obtain stand possession on 14th July'2018 from 12.00 noon onwards. Space/stands will be handed over to exhibitors by hall co-ordinators subject to approval of their stall layout plan.

Failure to exhibit

If any organization, having applied for space, fails to exhibit its products for whatever reasons, shall be liable to pay for full payment plus any additional costs incurred by organiser as a result of such failure to exhibit Should an exhibitor fail to occupy allotted space by the date and time specified for installation of exhibits, the Organiser reserves the right to take over such space and reallocate or use the same as they deem fit.

Damage to Property

The exhibitor's is liable for any damage caused to the building, floor, walls, panels and carpeting or to the standard items and fittings & fixtures provided within the stand. The exhibitor should not apply paint, adhesive or any such material, which would damage the fittings, fixtures and furniture provided by the organiser.

Exhibitor Booth Representative

Exhibitor’s stands should be manned at all times during exhibition hours only by the employees or their authorized representatives. Such representatives must at All times wear identification badges provided by the organiser. All representatives in the exhibition stands must be decently attired and bear good moral character. Entry into other exhibitor's stands, without their consent, is forbidden.

Safety Measures

The safety of exhibitor's visitors as well as that of exhibits is of paramount importance. Exhibitors must strictly comply with all relevant fire and other safety regulations. Exhibitors should take precaution to avoid injury or damage to visitors and laborers. Bringing of any inflammable materials inside the hall are strictly prohibited.

Limitation of Liability

Organiser shall not be liable for the safety of exhibitors, their representatives, agents, contractors or visitors during the exhibition, not for any exhibits, articles or other property whatsoever. Organiser shall not be held responsible for any restriction or conditions which prevent the construction, completion, alteration or dismantling of stands or the entry, placement or removal of exhibits, or for non-conformance of any services or amenities provided by third parties.

Sub-letting of Stand

Exhibitor cannot transfer, dispose of, part with or otherwise sublet the whole or any part of their display space/stand, whether for financial consideration or otherwise. Exhibitors must inform the organiser, the names of their principals, if they are agents, distributor or licensees of the exhibits in their stand.

Force Majeure

Under the conditions of force majeure which also include strike, lockout, closure, riot, natural calamities and other events & decisions beyond the control of the organiser, the organiser reserve the right to alter the opening and duration or even cancel the entire exhibition. In case of change in dates and duration of the exhibition, the rules and regulations and the agreement between the exhibitor and the organiser will remain unaffected. All disputes are subject to Delhi jurisdiction.

Removal of Exhibits

Exhibitors are allowed to remove exhibits form their stands only on conclusion of "7th India International Silk Fair'2019" on 17th July' 2019 from 6.00 pm onwards only. The work of dismantling of the stand and removal of exhibits must be completed by 8.00 pm on 17th July 2019 as per revised Pragati Maidan Authorities guideline. After this said date & time the organiser reserves the rights to remove the goods at the cost and risk of exhibitors.

As per Pragati Maidan Authorities guidelines, working hours has been scheduled to 8.00 am to 8.00 pm on all days. Exhibitors including stall designers and other Service Providers are advised to make a note of the above and strictly comply with the timings. Any exhibits or stand material left behind at the exhibition venue shall be deemed abandoned. Exhibitors are responsible for the expense incurred for disposing of all such items.

Unauthorized Contractors are not allowed inside the fair venue

Exhibitors please note that no unauthorized contractor/a will be allowed to carry out any activities like/ electrical/ carpentry/ interior decoration/ manpower supply/food supply inside Hall No. 12 Only authorized contractor/s approved by the Event manager/Council shall be allowed to carry out the above mentioned work or any additional work.

All additional job has to be directed through the Event Manager of the fair" Total Performance. The exhibitor/s shall obtain receipt towards any additional job to be undertaken from the appointed Event manager.

Guidelines for stand construction, decoration & display

  1. Exhibitor's should not take support of any permanent structures in exhibition halls for display. Woodwork, inside/outside the exhibition halls is prohibited.

  2. Exhibitor's are advised not to use any vacant space around their stands for storage or otherwise. This could be hazardous and could restrict the movement of service personnel. Organiser reserves the right to remove such material at the risk & cost of the exhibitor.

  3. Grouting/drilling of holes in the floor or walls is not permitted.

  4. No suspended displays/ structures are permitted from the ceiling of the exhibition halls.

  5. Exhibitors hall advise their advertising/ construction/ electrical and all other agencies about the guidelines for stand construction, decoration &display. Organiser shall not correspond with any of the agencies engaged by the exhibitor.

  6. No brick work, melamine, polishing or carpentry work will be allowed inside the hall.

  7. Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of trash at the close of the exhibition. Large volume of waste of any item including catalogues books etc. Remaining in the booth / stall will be regarded as trash, will be removed at the cost and risk to the exhibitor.

Electrical Installation and Power Supply 

The electric power supply avallable at the exhibition is as under as provided by Pragati Maidan Authorities : Single Phue: 230 Volts+ 10"/oFrequency: 50 Hz+ 3%

   1.The fluctuation in the parameter for power supply mentioned above ill only for reference. Larger variations cannot be ruled out.

   2. Connecting power to exhibits other than the specified load orthe load allotted by the electrical department is strictlyprohibited.

   3. If any participants desire to have extra load in his /her stall, they should inform the stall contractor before 25th June'2019. Request received after 25th June'2019 will not be considered under any circumstances.

   4. All main electrical supply points must be kept easily accessible for operation and repairs, in the event of emergence. These should not be concealed or covered.

   5. Power will be released only after the wiring work is carried out to the standard of the organizer.

  6. Exhibitors may contact the organizer for electrical work and guidance.

  7. Permanent power will be made available from 14 July' 2019.

   8. Organiser reserves the right to disconnect the electrical supply to any installation which in their opinion is dangerous or likely to cause a risk to visitors or other exhibitors.

   9. Arms and ammunition, explosives, contraband and/ or other goods prohibited by Indian law, will not be allowed inside the PRAGATI MAIDAN complex.


All disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction

The organiser reserves the right to make amendments to and the forgoing provisions, without giving prior notice. Organiser has the right to use his discretion as he deems fit in respect of any changes and amendments in any rules and regulations and will be binding on the participants.


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7th IISF
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