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Sub;- Guidelines for sponsoring visit of selected buyers to the India International Silk Fair at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India  15th to 17th October,2016.

The Indian Silk Export Promotion Council, invite applications/registrations online or by mail from established buyers (wholesalers/retailers) from various countries to visit India International Silk Fair organized by the Council at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The sponsorship shall be subject to the following:-   

  1. That the Council must receive the registration in the prescribed Performa by mail or online so as to reach atleast one month prior to the close of the show i.e. latest by 15th September 2016.

  2. That the Council shall have the right to reject the application or cancel the sponsorship of the buyers without any reason if it believes that the visit of the buyer is not for the objective for which it is sponsored or the buyer has furnished willful wrong information or have any dispute with any of the exporters in India.

  3. That the sponsorship letter shall be issued on scrutiny of the Registration forms subject to fulfillment of conditions and within the prescribed limit of number of sponsor buyers under seal and letter head of the Council by the competent authority. The sponsorship letter issued by any other person than the authorized person shall not be honored. The letter issued will have validity date to respond by the buyers providing the Council their travel itinerary so as to make hotel accommodation and pick up and drop.

  4. Airfare subsidy to the visiting buyers as under:

      Rs. 45,000/- to buyers from American Continent

      Rs. 35,000/- to buyers from Europe, Australia, Japan, Africa.

      Rs. 22,000/- to buyers from remaining Countries.

      (* Subject to actual fare or limit prescribed above whichever is less)

     Two days complimentary stay in 5 star hotel & working lunch at the fair venue.

    Free pick up from Airport to Hotel and free group pick up and drop from Hotel to fair Venue  and vice versa.

5. That the cost of hotel shall be limited to room rent, complimentary breakfast and                complimentary pick up and drop to & fro from the airport to hotel and vice versa.

6. That the cost of air ticket for travel by economy class shall be reimbursed on production of  photocopy of the air ticket mentioning therein the cost or supported with bill/invoice,                photocopy of the passport of cover and last page, visa endorsement and arrival                     endorsement into India. The cost of reimbursement shall be limited to the prescribed limit after deducting the cost of hotel stay if stayed in designated hotel and availed complimentary stay, as mentioned at (d) above i.e. Rs. 45,000/- for buyers visiting from American continent, Rs. 35,000/- for buyers visiting from Europe, Australia, Japan, Africa and Rs. 22,000/- for buyers visiting from remaining Countries.

7. That the reimbursement shall be made on filling up the claim form and submission of the     same to the officers of the Council available at the designated place in the fair ground by        the close of  2nd day of the fair so that the same are processed and payment is released         on the last day of the fair. The buyers who fail to submit their claims form by the close of         2nd day shall be paid by cheque or transfer through bank and the cost of such transaction       shall be recovered from the claim.

8. That the claim processed and approved shall be final and binding and no review of the         same shall be undertaken by the Council during the fair. However, genuine issues shall be       shorted out as per rules.