Best Sites to Watch Movies and TV Shows for Free

Best Sites to Watch Movies and TV Shows for Free

In this growing world of digitalization, the growth of the movie and show industry has also become almost digital. People now really enjoy watching the shows and the movies instead of waiting for a long time to watch them on TV. Best Sites to Watch Movies and TV Shows for Free.

On the one hand, where platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, etc are making a landmark of success for streaming the movies and the TV shows and people find these very convenient for themselves, on the other hand, they also do not like paying too much subscription fees for these platforms.

Also, why pay subscription fees when you all stream all of them very easily on the internet for free. Here is a list of some of the online platforms where people can watch all their favorite shows and movies for absolutely no cost.

1. 123 Movies

This website stands among one of the best and easiest ways of accessing the shows and moves. People usually choose this as one of their first priorities of websites. The website has a very good collection of all the recent movies and shows available in very good quality. 123 movies are VPN compatible thus, you do not have to limit your watch list due to your location.

2. AZMoves

Standing in the long list of websites for online streaming, AZMovies has set its place in one of the top positions on the list. This website is also VPN compatible and has a very big collection of all the movies and the TV shows from the old times to the recent ones.

3. Crackle

Crackle has a unique feature with systematically arranged movies and TV shows and original programming. With its VPN compatible feature, it has been very successful in attracting the public to online streaming on its platform.

4. Gostream

This online streaming platform also stands as one of the most trusted platforms by people for watching movies and TV shows. It allows fast streaming of movies and TV shows with little or no buffering. Streaming comes with perfectly synced subtitles in HD quality.

5. IMDb TV

You can very conveniently increase your watchlist with this website. It has almost all the movies and TV shows which can be accessed easily and gives you a very smooth streaming experience.

6. Peacock TV

All the popular shows from popular brands such as Universal Studios and NBC are available here. You can watch indefinitely all the movies and the TV shows here without any buffering or any other difficulty.

7. StreamM4u

The best feature of this website about why it is preferred by people over platforms is the outstanding filter feature. All the movies are systematically arranged and can be streamed by people anytime.

8. Vudu

This website offers its viewers free streaming options along with pay-per-view options which attract a lot of customers. Hundreds and thousands of movies and shows can be easily accessed here without any difficulty.

9. YesMovies

Standing among the crowd of other amazing online streaming platforms, this website is not left behind. A simple search bar will give the most beautiful and personalized access to many movies and TV shows.


123Chill is also considered by a lot of people for online streaming. It has a collection of many interesting and appealing movies and TV shows, which people usually prefer to watch. It does its best from its end so that the user can watch the movie without any delay.

11. VexMovies

The website has one of the amazing features of all the other websites. It enables the users to filter the movies according to the year of its release. This has been proved a very easy way for online streaming for many people.

12. Pluto TV

Ads sometimes become very annoying for someone watching a movie or a TV show. Pluto TV has customized its website according to the need of the customers and has minimalized the ad interruption during movies and TV shows. This streaming platform comes from ViacomCBS.

13. Bounce TV

Bounce TV is a niche-BASED Afro-American website that offers its users high quality or HD quality smooth streaming experience.

14. Kanopy

Kanopy is one of the websites which provides streaming opportunities to its user in collaboration with the public libraries and universities. The website has all the features required in an online streaming platform and is preferred by a lot of people.

15. FMovies

FMovies is counted in the list of online streaming platforms with many users. This website provides its users with the best quality movies and the TV shows available with video-synced subtitles. The movies are organized alphabetically which makes them very user-friendly.

16. CMovies

CMovies website is designed in a way that provides the user with all the latest movies and TV shows. All these movies and TV shows are available in different qualities, from TS to HD. People can easily stream online on this platform.

17. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is another platform that comes on the list of online streaming platforms, which do not has intrusive ads in between the movies or the shows. People can sit back and enjoy it conveniently.

18. AZMovies

AZMovies has all the recent movies available in HD quality for free. Any movie can be selected from the home page or searched using the search bar on the website.

19. Soap2Day

Soap2Day offers its user almost all the movies and TV shows without adding a g–mail account or registering. The best feature of this website is that it blocks all the pop-up ads in between which can be annoying while selecting a movie or the show or while watching them.

20. YifyTV

This movies and shows website is hosted by one of the popular torrent streaming websites, YTS.  It has one of the best listings of the movies and shows. On the home page, it displays many search options such as recent releases, popular, according to a year of release, etc.


These are the Best Sites to Watch Movies and TV Shows for Free available on the internet which provides the user to stream online all the movies and TV shows without paying a penny, such as on Netflix or others. Also, not all the movies and TV shows are available on paid platforms, but these free platforms have almost all of them. You can go through them and pick out the best website for you for online streaming.

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